Jaron Chan Jin Jia

Web / Mobile Developer and UX Designer

Always curious. Always honest. Always (marginally) hilarious.

An aspiring 'Design Technologist', graduating from the National University of Singapore (NUS) with a Major in Computer Science (Honours), specialising in Artificial Intelligence, a Minor in Interactive Media Development.

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Skills and Services

Bridging the Gaps of Development and Design

I am a Software Engineer...

An aspiring 'Design Technologist' with expertise in both web and app development. Currently leading a new travel tech venture developing cross-platform native application built on Flutter and internal web tools using React / Next.js. Had prior work experience as a Full-Stack Web Developer utilizing React/Redux, Neo4J, NodeJS and Python Flask.

Motivated by a passion in product development, I value the vision and research of designers, pledging my skills as a developer to creating user-centric solutions and products.

  • React

  • NodeJS

  • Flutter

  • Neo4j

  • Python Flask

  • MySQL

  • Numpy / Scikit

  • OpenCV

  • AWS Cloud

  • Python

  • JavaScript

  • Dart

  • CSS3 + HTML5

  • TypeScript

  • C / C++

  • Java

  • SQL

  • Git

  • Jira

  • Proj. Mng.

I am a UX Designer...

As a product creator, I've committed to gaining knowledge and experience UI/UX design. Minoring in Interactive Media Development, having led multiple software development projects and working as a UI/UX Designer has not bolstered my skills in UX design but also provided real-world experience.

Leveraging my sensibility, adaptability and empathy as a strength, I've contributed significantly to many projects with much successes. Proficient in numerous design tools, conducting of user interviews/research and creation of UX reports. Practitioner of design thinking methodology of empathizing, defining, ideating, protoyping and testing.

  • Sketch

  • Figma

  • Adobe XD

  • InVision

  • Zeplin

  • Photoshop

  • Illustrator

  • UI Design

  • User Interviews

  • User Testing

  • UX Reports

  • Brand Identity

  • Iconography

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Experience and Notable Projects

Designing and Developing Real Solutions

Work Experience
  • Gulliver
    Co-Founder, Tech Lead

    Jan 2020 - Present

    Leading a data-driven SaaS travel-tech start-up in that seeks to equip lifestyle businesses with tools to optimise their visual-driven campaigns, and a visual discovery platform for group travel with the vision of addressing the problems of unbalanced tourism.

    As Tech Lead, not only did I undertake responsibilities in full-stack development and user experience design, I lead a development team of five. I had expedited and managed the development of native application in Flutter, using BLoC architecture, and Firebase. Deployed iOS alpha application on Apple Store TestFlight for external testing up-to 10,000 users. Moreover, I had coordinated and directed product design and vision; conducted extensive user research and interviews to generate user journey maps.

    To manage the team, the codebase was managed through Git, I regularly conduct code reviews and oversaw NodeJS + MySQL backend server DevOps on AWS. Devised the technical roadmaps using work-breakdown structures (WBS), Gannt charts and directed daily scrums and weekly sprints as ‘Scrum Master’ as per Agile project management methodology on Atlassian Jira and Confluence.

    To support the content and sales team, I had developed internal web tools on React / Next.js / TypeScript using React Hooks and Context APIs for state management. Currently exploring computer vision and machine learning solutions to extract valuable insights from our visual content.

  • Motivo Inc. (Silicon Valley, USA)
    Software Engineer Intern, Full-Stack

    Aug 2018 - Aug 2019

    Deep-learning solutions start-up based in Silicon Valley specializing in improving semi-conductor production yields. Developed and designed web application for data visualisation, training and admin dashboard to improve internal workflows. Single-handedly implemented graph database (Neo4j), backend API servers (Python Flask / NodeJS) and front-end client (React / Redux).

  • GovTech SG, Open Gov. Products
    UI / UX Designer Intern

    May 2018 - Jul 2018

    Designed and developed the pre-release of 'Isomer', a Singapore government-wide front-end and design framework to standardize the aesthetics and experience of all government affliated websites. Took charge of redesigning and standardizing of 'SG Government Design System' iconography and led user testing and training sessions.

  • Prospace Analytics
    Front-End Development Intern

    Dec 2017 - Feb 2018

    Space management IoT start-up based in Singapore. Built the client-facing company website for lead generation and on-boarding using React. Contributed to the development of internal content management system on MERN stack (MongoDB, Express, React, NodeJS).

Notable Projects
  • SEP 2020

    Social Media Profile Image Scraper Chrome Extension


    Social Media Profile Image Scraper Chrome Extension

    Built a simple Chrome extension that allows the user to pull images from the profiles on Instagram and Burpple (SG). The images is downloaded into a .zip file and image details are stored in a .csv file. This tool is only to be used with consent of the profile owner.
  • Aug 2019 - Dec 2019

    QRisys: QR Inventory System

    UI/UX Designer
    QRisys Images

    QRisys: QR Inventory System

    QR-based inventory management system for intra-company loans and issuance replacing pen-and-paper solutions and implementation of real-time digital logging and trails of assets.
  • Jan 2019 - Aug 2019


    Product-Lead, UI/UX Designer, Front-End Developer, Branding


    Order. Fly. Collect. Arriver is an online shopping platform for travelers to shop before they travel and collect on arrival enabling travellers to capitalize on price advantages and online shopping opportunities available at their travel destination with convenience.
  • OCT 2018

    Moolah: Raising Responsible Spenders

    React Native Developer, UI/UX Designer
    Moolah Images

    Moolah: Raising Responsible Spenders

    Youth financial literacy education platform with real-money management and tracking system utilising PayPal and Yodlee APIs to raise responsible spenders. Overall runner-up, Money 20/20 Hackathon 2018, Las Vegas.
  • OCT 2018

    ColdBlox: Blockchain-IoT Logistics Management

    UI/UX Designer, React Native Developer, Blockchain Developer
    Coldblox Images

    ColdBlox: Blockchain-IoT Logistics Management

    Blockchain-IoT solution addressing deficiencies in quality standards in the cold-chain logistics industry. Overall champion, World Blockchain Hackathon 2018, San Francisco.
Educational Background
  • National University of Singapore
    Major in Computer Science (Honours)

    Jul 2016 - Present

    Pursuing a Bachelor of Computing (Computer Science) (Honours) with specialization in Artificial Intelligence. Curriculum includes computer science fundamentals, discrete math, software development, 'Machine Learning' and 'Computer Vision'.

  • National University of Singapore
    Minor in Interactive Media Development

    Jul 2016 - Present

    Minoring in Interactive Media Development with focus on interaction design for 'Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality' (AR/VR) and mobile applications. Curriculum also includes in-depth review of 'Human-Computer Interaction' (HCI) theories, UX research and design thinking principles.

  • NUS Overseas Colleges, Silicon Valley
    Entrepreneurship Special Programme

    Aug 2018 - Jul 2019

    Year-long entrepreneurship programme by NUS hosted in Silicon Valley (SV) where enrolees intern at SV start-ups whilst attending courses at Stanford University and NUS satellite campuses. Curriculum includes venture creation and on-the-job learning of start-up operations.

  • National University of Singapore
    University Scholar's Programme

    Jul 2016 - Present

    An interdisciplinary, liberal education programme, from a select 3% of each cohort in NUS, that focuses on strengthening core academic and professional skills through intellectual breadth and depth, learning new things beyond their specialization that enables them to analyse and integrate multidisciplinary knowledge in their problem-solving.

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