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Web Developer, Software Engineer, UI/UX Designer
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Jaron Chan Jin Jia

Web Developer, Software Engineer & UI / UX Designer

Computer Science Student at NUS

Always curious. Always honest. Always (marginally) hilarious. Currently, an undergraduate from the National University of Singapore pursuing a Major in Computer Science and enrolled in the University Scholars Programme. A firm believer in honesty and authenticity who strives to speak and act from his heart. Constantly exploring wide and dreaming deep.

With skills in web development, UI/UX design and operational research I am keen on making that impact by pursuing careers in Software Engineering, Product Management and/or User Experience. In whatever I pursue, it is my desire to harness my technical abilities for the greater good of society.

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What I offer and what I hope to gain more experience in.
A snapshot of my proficiency levels!



Competent in building static websites



Competent in Java/JavaFX programming to create applications



Proficient in developing in JavaScript but with more to learn


React + Redux

Proficient in React/Redux to develop front-end projects



Competent in designing intuitive, user-centric prototypes in SketchApp


Photoshop + Illustrator

Proficient in Adobe design tools to design modern logos and posters

Additional Skills

Project Management
Premiere Pro
React Native


A simple summary what I have to offer with my skills!

Web Development

Currently specialising in Front-End Web Development, I am proficient in React/Redux and able to work with NodeJS. I constantly look forward to learning new frameworks and to more projects. I hope to expand my skills to become a full-stack developer.

User Experience

My experience in UI/UX design is built upon my strengths of sensibility and adaptability, designing with five principles in mind: Clarity, Familiarity, Flexibility, Efficiency, Consistency. I design not only with the user in mind, but also the developers.

Software Engineering

From a side-interest to a full-blown passion, programming is now my livelihood. Experience in Java/C++ formed the basis of my software engineering knowledge. To be able to create new products at my finger tips through code, I am invigorated with passion.

Project Management

An all-compassing role that requires the very best of development, design and business together. My abilities, experience and intuition makes me an ideal candidate for the role of product manager where my actions are more than words.

"I Am Available for Internships"


A snapshot of my experiences and education.

  • Work Experience

    My formal working experiences are in web-development and UI/UX design.

  • May 2018
    Aug 2018

    GovTech Singapore

    UI/UX Designer Intern (Upcoming)

    An upcoming internship with the national technology agency of Singapore. Will work with a team to revamp and make coherent all government-based websites to create a better experience for all citizens using government services online. The job will not only involve designing but also conducting of robust user interviews and A/B testing using state-of-the-art user testing equipment in the Singapore government's first user lab.

  • Dec 2017
    Feb 2018

    Prospace Analytics

    Front-End Developer Intern

    Built and developed a new client-facing company website for lead generation and on-boarding using ReactJS, HTML, CSS. Contributed notably to the development of internal ContentManagement System built on MERN stack (MongoDB, Express,ReactJS/Redux, NodeJS) for deployment of hardware IoT devices.

    Working for a small company of 3 has opened up my eyes to the runnings of a start-up. Every employee, even the intern, has to take initiative to contribute beyond their job scope. Seeing how my CTO was short-handed, I took initiative to learn React/Redux to potentially contribute to larger projects. The time I had spent with ProSpace Analytics was invaluable.

  • May 2014
    Mar 2016

    Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), HQ ARMCEG

    3rd Sergeant, Bridging Engineer Specialist

    National Service commander-in-charge of daily operations. Main liaison between National Service personnel and SAF regulars. Handled issuance and maintainence of vital military equipment.

  • Education

    My formal education, qualifications and relevant courses.

  • Aug 2016

    National University of Singapore

    Bachelor of Computing (Honours) in Computer Science with Minor in Systems Engineering

    Receipient of the Ngee Ann Kongsi Scholarship given to students of astounding potential and dedication to the community.

    Highlighted Coursework:

    ◼ CS3216 - Software Product Engineering for Digital Markets

    ◼ CS2103 - Software Engineering

    ◼ CS1020/2010 - Data Structures and Algorithms

    ◼ CS2105 - Computer Networks

    ◼ IE2101 - Intro to Systems Thinking

  • Aug 2016

    National University of Singapore

    University Scholars Programme (USP)

    Awarded the USP Honour Roll. An interdisciplinary programme, from a select 3% from each cohort in NUS, that focuses on strengthening core academic and professional skills through intellectual breadth and depth, learning new things beyond their specialization that enables them to analyse and integrate multidisciplinary knowledge in their problem-solving.

  • Notable Projects

    Past projects made during college.

  • Mar
    Apr 2018

    Session Logger and Planner (SLAP) for Social Workers

    Developer (UI + Google APIs)

    The Software Engineering (SE) module sought to impart good SE practices and amalgamated to a project focusing on the design and implementation of an advanced address book application while following SE process and practices. My group developed with social workers in mind as our target user. We designed an application with features that assist them in keeping track of their visitations with beneficiaries such as calendar, navigation, session loggers and daily scheduler. Our software was built using Java. I headed the development of the GUI and navigation and daily scheduler features.

  • Sep
    Nov 2017

    HunQRy: Orders Made Fast

    Lead UX Designer and Front-End Developer

    CS3216 marked the beginning of my exposure to software engineering. I was one of the select few of 35 students chosen through a scrutinising application process. Each project required forming different teams of either size of three or four, producing a total of four web application assignments, including a Facebook app, a seminar, a mobile web app and a final project. For each assignment, students have to make sure of the business aspect and the UI/UX of the app we are building and especially for the final project where we must release the app and get real user feedback. Some works created during the module were an event sponsorship platform, a purely web-based public transport tracker that utilises government transport data with Google Map APIs to push notifications of bus arrival and proximity to the destination and lastly, the award-winning all-in-one F&B ordering platform.

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Currently residing in Singapore. Studying Computer Science at the National University of Singapore (NUS). My resume, portfolio and contacts can be found at the following links. Do check out my blog too!



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